The First Wine Fest in Trentino was in 1958 and it is exactly in this edition when it was born the tradition to celebrate the end of the harvesting with an Allegorical Floats Parade, which needed to be handle the topic of Wine and Grape. The Parade of Allegorical Floats in his 61 years rave the little and tight streets of the Village Verla di Giovo and amaze the visitors with their colors, liveliness, masks, music and dancing. The Groups, which lanes the floats are formed by people of different ages, who compete between each others during Sunday afternoon, showing their creativity to the viewers. The Wine and Grape become the protagonist of a irreducible diversity, always the same element of a crazy and mundane idea to celebrate in the best way the end of the harvesting and the nice season. The Jury will chose the float, which will have better reinvented his own grapes, they will give back in this way to the wasted hands, who create it, to slippery cobblestone of the square,to the mud and the air of vineyards that have hosted. For more infos click here