A few miles from Trento, it is hiding the most suggestive place in Trentino, from where come the most precious mountain wine. It is a Valley where the marriage between Man and Country has given rise to countryside of the wine with the monumental characteristics, whose origins are lost with the passing of the time. In Verla di Giovo at the bottom of Cembra’s Valley, from 23rd September 2018 morning will be there the famous “Marcia dell’Uva”, whose has reached this year the 30th birthday, and recognized the better march of Trentino in 2017. The Start is at 9 am and it is characterized from three routes of (5,10,16 km), which it is running through Cembras valley vineyards. This route will give the possibility to all the visitors to see historical villages, ancient churches, the typical dry walls, refuges and wonderful woods. Thanks to the 3 rest areas going to be possible tasting the autumnal and enogastronomic products of our territory, under the last warm beams of September.
The cost for the participation is of 2,50 euro and an increase of 0,50 cent for participants, who don’t have the insurance of FIASP, for people wishes the gadget (bandana of the Marcia) the price increase of 2,50 euro. The end of the Marcia dell’Uva and the awards will be at 12:30 am. As a prize for the most numerous groups will be a box full of goodies of our tradition.
Informtion and reservations: Barbara Sebastiani +39 347 2949246