Food and Kitchen Stands

The several and characteristic Food and Wine  Stand offer good live music,atmosphere and a plenty of tasting of local food accompanied by a cup of good wine, which is proposed by the better local Caves. It opens up for the gluttonous visitors stands that offers  dishes and goodies of the Cembras Valley traditions. The Wide Choice is characteristic because every places represent their own dishes with their own style and originality. In the Kitchen stand spread in the street of the village the visitors can find some speciality both of tradition of our region and dishes of other Italian region but also dishes of foreign states.

Wine Tasting Stands

In the wine fest will be several stands that are dedicated to the tasting of Wine. This stand will give tribute to the wide range of good wines that are produced in our Valley. The Wines that visitors can find in the stands are the local mountain wines such as the prince of our territory Muller Thurghau, the most ancient wine in Trentino Nosiola and the basis wine to create sparkling wine Chardonnay. Wines will be accompanied by local Food.